Caston Women's Institute

Meetings 2017

March 9th (open meeting)
Rachel Duffield – 1940’s 
Competition – Wartime recipes to taste
Set up and teas – Stephanie & Denise

April 13th
50th Birthday Celebrations
Handbags & Gladrags

May 11th
Resolutions and Call My Bluff
Competition – Write an unknown fact about yourself and place it in a sealed envelope.
Set up & Teas – Sue and Pam C

June 8th (open meeting)
Jason Salisbury – Sussex Cheeses
Competition – Six cheese canapés
Set up and teas – Pam F & Penny

July 20th
Summer Social – with entertainment!
Village hall 6.45 for 7pm

August 10th
Members Get Together
Car Treasure Hunt

September 14th
Jenny Gibbs – Turkish Tales
Competition – Scarf Adornment
Set up & teas – Dawn H & Dawn J

October 12th
Dr. Penelope Watkins – Know your shape, enjoy your assets!
Competition – Outrageous sicks – to be worn
Set up & teas – Jenny & Jackie J

November 9th}
AGM – Pumpkins
Competition – Meeting Memories – what was special for you this year?
Set up & teas – Jaki P & Ruth

December 14th
Christmas Party – 6.45 for 7pm
Competition – Homemade Christmas hat.
(Don’t forget to bring a plate, bowl, glass, cutlery and a small wrapped Christmas present.)